Tips For Students Learning French

18 May 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Are you planning on traveling to France? Learning the language can help you along the way, but learning it won't be easy. However, it is possible to take advantage of some strategies to help ensure that your time spent learning French is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Use Flash Cards

As you are learning French words, there will be a greatly variety of information that will have to be remembered. In addition to knowing the definition of the word, you will also need to know the conjugation of the word as well as its gender. By writing this information on flash cards, you will be able to quickly review the words that you are attempting to learn. When studying your flash cards, make sure that you are regularly shuffling them to help you learn the meaning of the word rather than memorizing the order of the flash cards.

Consume French Media

When you are reading and relaxing, you may want to start incorporating French media into your daily routine. By taking the time to read French newspapers, you will greatly expand your ability to comprehend the written French language, which can be indispensable in helping you to travel around the country. Learning to understand the words that are being spoken by those around you can be a major challenge for learning a new language that can require ample practice. One excellent way of training your hearing for the unique sounds that are found in the French language is to watch French movies and television. You may want to opt for a subtitled version of the film as this will allow you to quickly compare the French word with the English translation.

Invest In A Personal Tutor

The best practice when learning a language is to practice speaking and reading it. Unfortunately, those that do not have friends that can speak French may assume that this will be excessively difficult. Luckily, you can hire a French speaking tutor to work with you to refine your French reading, speaking and comprehension abilities. During your sessions with this professional, you will discuss the issues that are causing you the most problems with absorbing this language. To help reinforce the areas that are the weakest, these tutors will take detailed notes about the sessions that were completed with each child student. By keeping the journal, these individuals can make sure that they are adjusting their teaching techniques for their students' needs.