Why Learning How to Swim as an Adult Doesn't Have to Be Embarrassing

3 October 2017
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Some kids never learn how to swim. It may be because they lived in the city and there was no place to go to learn. It may also be because they could not afford swimming classes. Whatever your reason for not learning to swim as a kid, you can still learn to swim as an adult. Furthermore, you do not have to be embarrassed about swimming classes either. Here is why.

Swimming Classes for Adults

There are swimming lessons just for adults. These classes are taught by another adult who does know how to swim and swims well. The rest of the adults in the class are in the same boat with you; they do not know how to swim either.  This makes them as timid about learning as you are, which can be quite a comforting thought.

Semi-Private and Private Swim Lessons

If you still do not want to be in a large group class with other adults to learn how to swim, there are also semi-private and private swim classes. They do cost quite a bit more, but then you get more of the instructor's time and attention. The semi-private classes are often three or less students, with two being the most common. Now the instructor spends half the class working with you, and the other half of the class time working with the other person taking a semi-private class with you.

If that still does not make you very comfortable, take a private class. These swimming classes are the most expensive, but then the only person who knows that you cannot swim is the instructor. For anyone who is extremely embarrassed about not knowing how to swim as an adult, this type of adult swim class is perfect.

Parent and Child Swim Classes

If your child does not know how to swim either, there are group classes that teach both you and your child how to swim. It is a good bonding experience, and you can watch other non-swimming parents and kids learn how to swim, too. There is a greater sense of community in this type of class because no one except the instructor knows how to swim. Children feel better about the class as well, since Mom or Dad are in the water with them and learning the same swimming strokes and breathing techniques. You will pay twice as much for the class as you would for the adults-only group class, but only because both you and your child are learning how to swim together.