3 Ways To Be Prepared For A Classroom Observation At All Times

25 September 2018
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Maintaining high standards within schools ensures that children receive the best possible education. Teachers play an important role in developing a child's mind and social skills, so it's important that teachers are performing up to the standards set by district educators.

Classroom observations can be used to help monitor the performance of teachers as they engage in routine lessons with their students. Preparing for classroom observations can be stressful. You never know when an observer will walk through your classroom doors.

There are some simple tasks that you can do each evening before heading home to ensure you are prepared for an observation at any time. 

1. Print your lesson plans for the following day.

Take a few minutes to print out your lesson plans for the following day. Having these lesson plans available will help observers gain an accurate picture of what a typical day looks like in your classroom.

The observation team will likely spend just a small amount of time in your classroom, so you want to be sure that they know what you have planned for the rest of the day. A lesson plan can also serve as a guide to help you stick to a schedule and stay organized.

2. Clean and organize your desk.

A teacher's desk can sometimes get neglected. It's critical that you spend a few minutes at the end of each day cleaning and organizing your personal work area so that it will be ready for observation at any time.

Stack papers neatly, file away confidential information, and organize your office supplies. By maintaining a clean desk, you will not only appease observers, but you will make your work area more functional as well.

3. Take an inventory of your classroom walls.

Teachers often overlook the important role the walls play in securing a satisfactory observation evaluation. The walls of your classroom should tell the observer what your teaching objectives are, what types of vocabulary and concepts your students are currently learning about, and learning outcomes.

Preparing the walls of your classroom will also help your students feel more comfortable in the classroom setting.

Classroom observations provide educators with the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on the quality of their work. Be prepared for an observation at any time by doing small tasks each day to keep your classroom in order. These tasks will improve your observation scores and enhance the classroom experience for each of your students.