5 Reasons To Let An Instructor Teach Your Teen To Drive

2 July 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Is your teen reaching the age when they should learn to drive? In most states, parents have the primary right and responsibility to train their children in driving. But does this mean that you should automatically assume this role? In fact, you have many reasons to let someone else do the training. Here are a few of these reasons. 

1. An Instructor Has No Baggage.

When a parent and child try to do a project as potentially emotional as learning the right way to drive, they bring their outside relationship into the car with them. Teens may rebel against doing what their parent tells them. Parents may not have the patience needed. A driving lesson might devolve into an argument. 

2. An Instructor Is Trained.

Most parents are amateur drivers rather than trained professionals. An instructor, on the other hand, not only knows the common driving rules but also the esoteric ones, such as how far the new driver must leave between cars. And as a teacher, he or she is also trained in how to teach people — potentially making their efforts more successful than a parent's. 

3. An Instructor Is Objective.

As a parent, you are unlikely to be the most objective judge of your child's ability. You might subconsciously not want them to take this step and hold them back as a result. Or you might push them into driving situations they're not ready for. Either way, what the child needs right now is someone who can calmly and rationally assess their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. 

4. An Instructor May Be Required.

Some states have additional rules for minors who want to get their learning permit or driver license. Check with your state to determine restrictions your child might face if they don't get mandatory behind-the-wheel instruction from a professional trainer. 

5. An Instructor Is Confidential.

Does your teen feel completely free to discuss their concerns, fears, or questions about driving with you? They may not feel as open about asking questions if they worry about being judged for it — especially if their sibling is in the back seat filming on a cellphone. By working with an instructor on their own, the new driver can focus on getting the education they need rather than wondering if it'll end up on social media.

No matter what you and your new driver's concerns are, a professional driving instructor could be the quickest and safest route to overcoming them. Learn more by meeting with a driver training service in your area today.